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Here are some of the primary industries that are the driving force behind Nebraska’s strong economy. Click below to see jobs in each industry.

Food is what we do. We face the world population’s constantly growing and ever-changing demands by challenging the boundaries of traditional practices and products with new innovations in agriculture. Click here to view open positions.

Take a virtual tour of the Agribusiness and Food Processing industry in Nebraska.

With over 16,000 jobs and 1,000 business in play, Nebraska’s life sciences industry is attracting interest from some major international players looking to expand their business. We specialize in three of five major subsectors—agricultural feedstock and chemicals, bioscience distribution and medical devices and equipment. Learn more.

Our second-largest industry is kind of like Field of Dreams: If we build it, they will come. Advanced manufacturing makes up nearly 12% of the GDP—which comes out to over $1.8 trillion a year. Learn more. Click here to view open positions.

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Looking for clean energy? Nebraska is pioneering biofuels, wind, solar and geothermal energy. We’re the second-largest producer of ethanol and rank 6th among the top 10 states for wind energy resources. Click here to view open positions.

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Nebraska has a history of excellence in the finance industry dating back to the 1880s. We’re second in the U.S. when it comes to total size of assets held by insurance companies. Of those companies, 180 call Nebraska home. Click here to view open positions.

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They don’t call us the Silicon Prairie for nothing. We had the third-fastest rate of growth in tech jobs in 2015, thanks in part to our boom in information technology and data center careers. Learn more. Click here to view open positions.

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It’s one of the top growing professions nationwide, and no exception here. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is a major research facility with one of the top 10 physician assistant programs in the country. Click here to view open positions.

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If you’re ready to climb the corporate ladder, you’re in luck. Business support professions like law, accounting and printing make up a third of all Nebraska jobs. Click here to view open positions.

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As the Nebraska Tourism Commission brings more and more people to visit our amazing state, Nebraska’s becoming less of a hidden gem. And as a result, tourism-centered businesses are growing rapidly. Click here to view open positions.

Take a virtual tour of the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Nebraska.

The logistics business is great in the Good Life. Interstate 80 runs for over 480 miles across Nebraska, and supply chain and logistics management companies take advantage of our central location on this busy intercontinental highway by headquartering here and hiring up accordingly. Learn more. Click here to view open positions.

Take a virtual tour of the Transportation and Logistics industry in Nebraska.

Our large base of call centers and e-commerce businesses has continued to grow with the rise of customer support, data centers and IT services. We figure our friendliness translates through the phone lines.

From our adventurous beginnings as a frontier territory, Nebraska has always boasted a proud pioneering spirit that attracts entrepreneurs from abroad. Our state offers cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship incentives for innovators looking to jump-start their ideas. Learn more about why and how to start your business in Nebraska.

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Fremont, Nebraska

After growing up in the Sandhills, Randy lived in Texas, Wisconsin and even Germany before returning to the Good Life to raise his family and start a business. For him, the quality of life in Nebraska can’t be beat.


Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska is anything but a flyover state for Madeline Sullivan. She was born in Omaha, raised in Omaha and even attended college in Omaha. When she graduated with a degree in aviation, though, she was ready to take flight.

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