Teacher’s pets? We’ll own it. We’re proud of our awesome public schools as well as our great parochial and private schools. Our excellent schools have led Nebraska to have the highest graduation rate of any state in the nation—a whopping 94%. And we’ve got quality in addition to quantity: In 2015, Nebraska students scored in the top third of all states in science proficiency tests.

Higher Education

For students and lifelong learners ready to level up their education, there’s no shortage of options in Nebraska. There are three University of Nebraska campuses and three state colleges, and the Good Life is also home to several liberal arts colleges, community colleges and more than 10 private colleges and universities. Check out our rankings and stats to find the school that’s a perfect fit for you, then get ready to hit the books. You can bone up on your college knowledge with our resources for students and parents.

Vocational Training

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into your chosen field, Nebraska’s vocational schools will get you the training you need to do just that.

Or if you do your best learning outside the classroom, find information on apprenticeships and on-the-job training.